It's Almost 2 Years

By Laili Muttamimah - December 18, 2016

It's almost 2 years after that depressing day. 

Pretty, are you mad with yourself? Do you regret because you didn't be true to yourself? You know you have a big chance to catch your happiness that day, but why do you have to lie to yourself?

Pretty, time keeps changing and every morning I know you always feel worst. You just hide your pain with all your activities, tasks, and jobs, but I know, you just try to hold back your tears. Everybody said "keep calm, everything will be better soon. You just have to move on." but pretty... I know you never get better at all, and you can't get your bravery back to start a new page. 

It's almost 2 years after that depressing day, but you're still stuck in the same pain.

Pretty, please look out! Everybody's growing up, many problem's coming, you're getting older and mature, but why you're still keeping that sadness in the deep of your heart?

I know, you just can't hide your feeling anymore. It's been too long. It hurts you so much. You can give a wide smile to everyone, but actually you are nothing more than a fragility. You want to yell your honesty out loud, you want to pull out the pain from your body, you want to fall in love again... please pretty, just do it!

It's almost 2 years after that depressing day, look at them, did they ever think about you? They just smile and laugh in front of you, with no thoughts about you at all. They fell in love, they kissed, they kept walking, and they don't care about the pain that you feel! Please, open your eyes and see the big picture. You just poorly manage your feelings.

Pretty, you're too precious to be hurt, please... try to fall in love again. Learn to let him go. Please... survive.

I know you just tired to shout out to everyone that you were done with him, really really done, just to make everything looks okay for them, for everyone, but it the end, all that you do is just lying to yourself.

Pretty, you ever felt the same pain in the past, and you can get through it! Even though you feel the worse pain now, but it's okay. You can get through this as well.

But, stop lying to yourself. It's okay to be not okay. It's okay to say to everyone that you're not okay. Please, stop thinking about people judgments that come to you. You live in your life, this is YOURS, please do everything you want.

It's okay to cry.

It's okay to be mad.
It's okay to be true.

It's okay...
It's okay.

Just do everything that makes you better.

It's almost 2 years after that depressing day.

Pretty, please, live your life well.

Your Superego

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