Our First Chapter

By Laili Muttamimah - February 21, 2018

Dear Ibnu,

If I can ask for something, would you mind granting it? I want to live in this moment because I know 'forever' is too much to ask. The moment we sat in food stalls, shared each other's tastes even though the dishes are just rice with an omelet. When we drowned in conversations, discussed passion, politics, favorite songs, dreams, fears, until videos that made us laugh hundreds of times. When I hold your moist hand every time we're watching a movie. When we danced slowly to Adele's songs. When I felt your presence in every of my lowest points. When I saw your smile, laugh, and beaming eyes every time you told me a story. 

You're a comfort and discomfort zone for me. You made me feel home and challenged me to do new things I haven't tried before. Being with you is like reading an adventure book that took me on a new journey with a lot of twists and surprises. Yes, I can never describe my feeling directly to you, but you made my life and keep me balanced. 

You took me from my deepest fears. You know how hard for me to re-build my belief in someone and start again. Thank you so much for making everything easier to pass, thank you for being so patient. I don't know what will happen if I didn't meet you that day, maybe the story would be different. 

Now we have more and more new days waiting for us, and I can't wait to ride with you through the long journey ahead. I hope 'us' always be our favorite place to go till the rest of our lives.

Happy 1st anniversary! :)

"You saved my life, not forever, not for good. Probably just temporarily. But you saved my life, and now I'm yours. The me, that's me right now, is yours. Always." ― Rainbow Rowell. 

Your support system,


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